Barry Bonds Smashes Hank Aaron’s Home Run Record and Hits his 756th

Whether you believe he also deserves a Roger Maris-esque asterisk or not, Barry Bonds is baseball's new home run king. For the first time since 1961, the same baseball player holds both the single season and all-time home run records. The great Babe Ruth was the last player to hold that distinction before Roger Maris broke one of his homer records.

Bonds added his name to another page in baseballs' record book on Tuesday night after launching the 756th home run of his career into the deepest part of AT&T Park. The pitcher who gave up the record shot – and will be the new Al Downing in trivia questions as long as the record stands – was Washington.

Luckily for Bonds he set the new home run mark at home, where fans have shown him support and applauded his accomplishments. That was much different that the reception of mild applause and scornful jeers he had thrown at him when he tied Hank Aaron in San Diego just days earlier.

For bettors who took advantage of the numerous Barry Bonds home run betting props, they finally got paid or had their wagers canned. Anyone who made a few prop bets at when the odds first appeared could have got paid as follows. Simply betting on Bonds to just break the record ended up paying out -250 . Betting on Bonds to mash the record-breaker on a Tuesday came with +500 odds , while depositing No. 756 against Washington received +350 odds . Finally, anyone with the psychic ability to predict that Bonds would pass Aaron between Aug. 1 and Aug. 15 cashed in at +275 .

Now that Bonds has finally eclipsed Aaron, the home run watch turns to Alex Rodriguez. The Yankees' slugger became the youngest player to ever hit 500 homers last week, and as long he remains productive and avoids an onslaught of injuries a la Ken Griffey Jr., A-Rod home run record props could be available in five or six years.

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