Mayweather vs Ortiz Fight Odds

Mayweather vs Ortiz Fight Odds: As the days leading up to the fight between (41-0) Floyd “Money” Mayweather and (29-2-2) Victor “Vicious” Ortiz wind-down one-by-one, the Mayweather vs Ortiz Fight Odds seem to be behaving in the exact opposite manner. It seems like the closer we get to fight-night, the more people bet on the underdog rather than on Mayweather.

These trends have forced Mayweather vs Ortiz Fight Odds makers to adjust their numbers on several occasions. As it stands, with just hours away from Boxing’s biggest fight card in recent memory, Mayweather vs Ortiz Fight Odds are as follows: Floyd Mayweather [-625] is a huge favorite over Victor Ortiz [+425].

Please keep in mind that when this fight’s opening odds first came out, Mayweather was listed as a -700 betting odds favorite over Ortiz at a whopping +500 bucks! I’ve been picking Ortiz as the winner by knockout since those money-lines first came out!

Who do you like in this Mayweather vs Ortiz fight? Is Mayweather the same fighter that has dominated the sport for so many years, or is he finally due to lose a bout? Is Ortiz’s skill-set, power and speed enough to end the reign of one of the greatest ever, or will he be just another victim to his ostentatious ways?

“He happens to be a person who likes to talk,” Ortiz said of Mayweather. “But assassinations are quiet.”

One guy that has not only faced, but in my humble opinion also beat Mayweather, believes that Ortiz has what it takes to prevail, literally, against all odds. As you may recall, Oscar De La Hoya went the distance with Mayweather (in his prime), only to get robbed and lose by split decision in May of 2007.

Now a fight promoter for his company, Golden Boy Promotions, De La Hoya is convinced that Victor Ortiz, today, has what it takes to get the job done. The former Olympic Gold Medalist is convinced that his fellow Chicano will not quit on himself again. Furthermore, he argues that the notion of Ortiz, being regarded as a quitter, is simply inaccurate and that the kid did enough to prove that in his last fight.

“The Berto fight proved it all, that he could go down and get back up and go down again and get back up again,” Oscar said of Ortiz’s heart. “I think that’s why [the talk of the Maidana fight] gets under his skin a little bit, because that’s the past and Victor is a guy who looks forward.”