Millions Go to the Perfect March Madness Bracket

March Madness is underway at!  You don’t have to wait until Selection Sunday to get into the madness of March. From the crucial final games of the regular season to the multitude of Conference tournaments, in addition to the NIT and of course the “Big Dance”; is putting $50,000 dollars on the line- GUARANTEED- for all of their college basketball bettors to cash in on  PLUS $11M to anyone that picks the perfect bracket.  

There are two ways members can get their piece of the $50K .
Already underway is the $40,000 March Madness Handicapping Challenge . will track your winning college basketball bets now through the Championship game on April 7th. Points are awarded for each winning bet, with certain bets earning more points.  Basically, the higher difficulty of the bet type, the more points you will earn.  For instance, teasers are worth more points than a bet on a specific side or Total and parlays are worth more than teasers. Additionally, the more teams you parlay or tease, the more points you earn.  There will be plenty of opportunities to get your piece of the $40K as weekly winners as well as overall winners will all be awarded for their expertise.  
But that’s just the beginning…

Celebrating their 11th year in business, wants to give $11,000,000 away to anyone that has the skills to fill out a perfect March Madness Bracket .  If no one can obtain perfection, will still award a $10,000 GUARANTEED prize pool to whoever comes closest.   

Traditionally a crazy tournament full of wild endings, Cinderella stories and unlikely outcomes; you will need to be on top of your game to become a multi-millionaire.