Notre Dame vs Michigan Wolverines Betting Odds

Notre Dame vs Michigan Wolverines Betting OddsThe Notre Dame vs Michigan Wolverines betting odds do not tell the complete story as two winless college football powerhouses battle to get their first win and save their respective coaches hide. Both schools will be starting true freshman at quarterback. ND will go with Jimmy Clausen and Michigan will go with Ryan Mallett replacing star Chad Henne.

"Look for Michigan to bounce back today,” stated College Football Predictions Expert Reno Goldberg when asked to comment on the Notre Dame vs Michigan Wolverines betting odds. “The Wolverines are still a talent laden football team while the Irish are pretty young.”

Charlie Weis really took a hit on the offensive side of the ball after losing Brady Quinn in the NFL draft last season. So far, the Irish have only scored 13 points in two games. recommends that sports bettors get as many points possible if you want to bet on the Irish because Jimmy Clausen is going to take a little while to develop. The best betting odds to make a bet on Notre Dame is at Bodog, the Irish are a +9.5 point road underdog.

"This isn't going to be about Ryan and Jimmy," Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis said. "I think in both cases, it's about two teams rich in tradition that are 0-2 right now trying to get to 1-2."

While Irish fans have not been calling for Weiss’s head yet, the same cannot be said for Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr. Carr goes into the Notre Dame vs Michigan Wolverine games without star Chad Henne so the chips are stacked against him despite being listed as the favorite. The best betting odds to place a wager on Michigan is at, the Wolverines are a 8 point home favorite with -105 reduced juice.

"He's got very, very good poise for a young kid," coach Lloyd Carr said about true freshman Quarterback Ryan Mallett. "He's going to make some mistakes. He's going to learn some things. But I can guarantee you, he's not intimidated by anything."

The ground swell movement to Fire Lloyd Carr will really start kicking in if the Michigan Wolverines head coach loses his third home game this weekend. has already set Fire Lloyd Carr betting odds at +325 (Bet $100 to win $325) that Carr won't make it until the end of the 2007 college football season.