Evan Lysacek Dancing With The Stars Season 10 Odds

Evan Lysacek Dancing With The Stars Season 10 Odds: Newly crowned Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek is top pick with 2 to 1 odds of winning ‘Dancing With The Stars’. Olympic medalist Shawn Johnson, Apolo Anton Ohno, and Kristi Yamaguchi have all won the dancing competition in the past adding a mirror-balled trophy to their medal collection! Bodog.com has posted entertainment betting odds to win Dancing with the Stars Season 10.

Evan Lysacek Dancing With The Stars Season 10 OddsEvan said recently that the Olympic Gold has been the focus of his entire life but his competitive attitude is taking over now with ‘DWTS’. He says, “Olympic gold has been my goal for my whole life. But the Mirrorball is very prestigious. I first came into this saying, 'I just want to have fun. I really want to learn to dance because I think it can help my skating.' But as I started rehearsing and the competitive fire is going, I want to win. I'm not graceful at all, so it's going to be hard, but I'm ready to put in the time.”

In a recent interview with TV Guide, Evan said, “The Olympics were so amazing and it's sad to see it end, but I'm happy to have a new challenge. My schedule was pretty full after the Olympics, so I didn't think I could make this work. I first started watching when Apolo was on, but I really got into it when Kristi was on because I could go watch it live. Kristi told me that it's not as easy as you think it's going to be.”

When asked what’s been the hardest part of training for ‘DWTS’ Evan replied, “I've never had a partner for anything. I'm just getting used to having to hold somebody else's hand while I'm doing everything. When I'm learning something new, I usually don't want anyone around me. Anna is just holding onto me the whole time, so it's very different.”

When asked if he wished he were an ice dancer now Evan said, “No. I don't know if this is like ice dancing. Maybe it is, actually. It's very difficult to keep your feet coordinated with your partner's feet. I have bowlegs, which makes it worse! Every time I bend my knee, it makes, like, a sharp right-hand turn. … [The Viennese waltz] has a very different knee rhythm and knee action than I'm used to, so I keep rising up at the wrong time and bending down at the wrong time, so I end up kneeing [Anna] in the leg.”

Vera Wang designed all of Evan’s skating costumes . Evan says, “Vera's been great to me, but they have a really good wardrobe department and they let the star and the dancer have a lot of input. So when everyone says, "Oh, they're putting me in these crazy outfits!" They're not! They pretty much let you decide. I told them I have a specific taste and I would like the costumes to reflect that as much as possible. Unless there's not time for me to have input, then they'll put me in whatever.”

It seems Evan is a little worried about his competition saying, “I’m worried about everybody! Especially Nicole Scherzinger— I'm sure she's going to be incredible. Chad Ochocinco, obviously another athlete. The Bachelor and Kate Gosselin are actually really graceful, so I think they'll be stiff competition too. I've never really seen them move yet, but I'm judging from our filming day when we were all together and they were two that I definitely thought were pretty graceful — more graceful than me! But I will work my hardest to learn to be.”

I’m a fan of Evan’s, mostly because of his beautiful Vera Wang costumes but hope he goes far! I also love how he calls Kate Gosselin, Mother of eight, "graceful"!

‘Dancing with the Stars’ premieres Monday, March 22 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Bodog.com has posted entertainment betting odds to win Dancing with the Stars Season 10:

Aiden Turner: 18/1
Buzz Aldrin: 50/1
Chad Ochocinco: 9/2
Erin Andrews: 7/2
Evan Lysacek: 2/1
Jake Pavelka: 16/1
Kate Gosselin: 16/1
Niecy Nash: 25/1
Nicole Scherzinger: 3/1
Pamela Anderson: 12/1
Shannen Doherty: 16/1