Clay Aiken to reveal he is gay on Good Morning America?

Clay Aiken to reveal he is gay on Good Morning America?With Clay AIken ready to appear on Good Morning America, there has been speculation that he is going to come out of the closet.

American Idol has given birth too many talented singers since it aired its first season in 2002.  Clay Aiken was among those singers. He became the runner up in the show’s 2003 season.  Ruben Studdard was that year’s first place winner although there was much controversy over the actual votes.  Just before the last episode aired, the show’s producer Nigel Lythgoe announced that Clay had led every episode in votes since he became the audience’s “wild card” choice.  

Although he was the second place winner, he has gone on to be the top selling artist from season two and has broken several established artists records including Elton John and Lee Ann Womack   He has since toured with season one winner Kelly Clarkson and toured on his own during the Christmas season twice.  He has a few albums under his belt too.  He received a much needed makeover during his stint on American Idol which has probably helped his popularity especially amongst the ladies!  He went from geek to sheik getting better and better with each episode.

Although Clay’s fan basis is mostly women, there as been much talk about the fact that he may be gay.  In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2003, Aiken said he was not gay however he has been the brunt of many comics’ jokes from Conan O’Brien, Kathy Griffith, and Mad TV.  

Is Clay really gay or is he just a really nerdy guy with bad luck in the women department?  His choice of attire, his original career as a special needs teacher, and his wacky hairdo scream gay to most but he has stated that he is not gay and that he is still a virgin.  Or did he imply he is still a virgin because he has stated that he has never had a girlfriend?  He is also very much into Christianity which some would agree that there’s a definite subset of young closeted Christian males who have successfully reserved their sexuality to the point that they don’t even realize they are gay.

Now that Aiken is famous and under public scrutiny, he is under more pressure to prove his manhood especially with thousands of offers a day from women who want to have sex with him.  


Bet On: Will Clay Aiken come out of the closet during his September 20th, 2006 interview with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America? 
Any wagers placed after outcome becomes public knowledge will be graded as No Action. No refunds. No over limit wagers. Clay Aiken must clearly and directly state that he is gay during the September 20th, 2006 episode of Good Morning America for all Yes wagers to be graded a Win. Alluding to the fact will not be considered in grading. Max $50.