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The Sopranos: As predicted, Christopher Moltisanti killed off; Was He Whacked?

by Benton Vale on Monday, May 14th, 2007

The Sopranos: As predicted, Christopher Moltisanti killed off; Was He Whacked?The Sopranos character Christopher Moltisanti , played by Michael Imperioli joined the long list of Sopranos characters to die of un-natural causes when he succumbed following an automobile accident on Sunday night’s (May 13) episode. Now the question arises, was Christopher whacked by Tony Soprano (James Gandolphini) for reasons other than a mercy killing or did Tony have an underlying reason for Christopher to die? In my opinion, I will take the latter rather than the former. Chris was conveniently suffocated by Tony to make it appear he died of his injuries when in fact he might have survived the accident. If this is the case, online sportsbook BetUS.com should pay off on the 2/1 odds it issued in March that Christopher would be the first major character to get whacked in these final episodes. 

The evidence Christopher’s death was the result of a whacking is substantial. Though not your usual garden variety mob hit, Tony Soprano admitted to his analyst, Doctor Jennifer Melfi (Lorraine Bracco), he was relieved Christopher was no longer around. The major reason Tony gave to Dr Melfi for his relief was his fear Christopher might turn to the Feds and tell all. In previous episodes, writers had produced doubt and some mistrust surrounding Chris into Tony’s mind as well as other family captains. Then Chris, whom had substance abuse problems and was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, had “fallen off the wagon” due to pressure from family members, especially Pauli Gualtieri (Tony Sirico). Christopher Moltisanti had become a liability to the Sopranos mob family.

 It was obvious Moltisanti’s days were numbered; especially following last weeks show, a program seemingly devoted to setting up his fall. Now that Chris is officially written off the show it brings up the question, who will be next? If I were to venture a guess I would pick the newest New York boss, Phil Leotardo played by Frank Vincent. Back in March prior to the airing of these nine final episodes, oddsmakers at BetUS.com had Phil as one of the favorites to get whacked at 5/1odds. 

At Point-Spreads.com we will bring you any updates in Sopranos futures betting which are sure to come prior to the series’ finale.

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