Get your Superbowl Half Time Bets in Early!

With kickoff of Super Bowl 42 moments away, Superbowl Half Time bets will be posted by all of the major sportsbooks online starting after kickoff.  Sports bettors are urged to get their Superbowl Half Time bets in early this year. is projecting that the match up between the undefeated New England Patriots and heavy underdog New York Giants will be the most bet Superbowl ever for Las Vegas Sportsbooks and offshore betting shops.

"Bettors should set up accounts at multiple sportsbooks before making their Superbowl Half Time bets," stated Publisher Thomas Jensen.  "Right now the line of the game differs by as much as 1 point at various betting establishments.  Every point matters today!"

What Jensen is referring to is the fact that the betting line on the Superbowl has moved in favorite of the New England as a late hour surge of money from Patriots backers has moved the line to 12.5 points.

If you want to get down on New England Patriots to go undefeated you can visit and which both still have New England at -11.5 points.