2012 NFL Predictions Week 3 by Vegas Spreads Experts

Point-Spreads.com did out weekly call with the top Vegas Spreads experts on Doc’s Sports Advisory Board to get the money moves before releasing our 2012 NFL Predictions Week 3. One of the biggest topics of discussion on the phone interview was how bad these temporary NFL refs are performing and more specifically how their calls have been hurting bettors.

“These officials are a complete and total disaster,” stated Vegas Spreads Expert Robert Ferringo of Doc’s Sports Advisory Board. “It is at the point now where you just have to sit back, hold your breath, and hope that they screw over the team you bet against rather than the one that you bet on.”

Another topic of discussion among the Vegas Spreads experts was how parlays and teasers on big public teams did not hit, causing a windfall for the sportsbooks. Whenever the house wins, players lose and in this case it was a pretty substantial swing against the bettors.

“The Vegas NFL public got killed last week as moneyline parlays and super teasers were killed by the Patriots losing and the Saints losing,” stated the Vegas Sports Informer. “Joe Public is the reason why I have had my job in the Vegas casinos for over 13 years.”

Only a small percentage of spread bettors took the Cardinals as 14 point road dogs against the Patriots in New England. While many sharp bettors stayed away from this game altogether because it was a double digit spread so early in the season. However, many bettors general betting public take  New England on the money line in parlays every week figuring the team will win a majority of their games and certainly should win outright as a 14 point favorite. That is what cost them so much, Arizona winning outright 20-18. Pretty much the same scenario applies to the New Orleans Saints, a perennial public favorite that lost outright last week.

Ferringo went on to say: “This is the second season in a row that the NFL has given bettors a completely uneven playing field because of labor issues. Last year the truncated preseason left a lot of handicappers scrambling to see how teams would react. Now we have to enter into every weekend knowing that these scab refs are just one blown call away from costing us a win. That was the case on Monday Night Football and it will be the case until the regular officials get back into the fold. The NFL owners are greedy scumbags. They are hurting their product and they are hypocrites about their ‘dedication to player safety’. But they don’t care. They don’t care at all and they don’t have to.”

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