NFL Week 8 Preview: Looking Ahead to Stardom

From a NFL football Betting perspective, factoring marque games can play a roll in making the winning NFL pick for NFL Week 8. Also from a NFL team financial standpoint, every NFL team jumps quickly at the chance to play in a marquee game. Come Sunday night, whether the audience is glued to the set or just Velcroed to the back of the sofa from already watching seven-plus hours of straight football, these games put the ‘prime’ in both -time and -target for sponsorship dollars. 

There is also Monday Night , gathering an even larger audience since it doesn’t compete with Family Guy on Fox, and then let’s not forget the Turkey Day extravaganza or the late-season Saturday games. Either way, no matter what night of the week these games fall on the payoff to the franchises involved is always greater than the usual booty raked from a locally televised game. 

Players love the attention from these games, too. More cameras means a better chance to be seen doing what they do best and when it’s the only show in town, they know that even their football buddies from other teams are checking them out. 

With even more pressure to perform in these contests than the already high expectations placed on pro athletes every week, marquee games standout on a team’s locker room calendar for months in advance. It creates what would normally be grounds for a look-ahead situation and as a bettor, it certainly needs to be addressed when analyzing the game in search of a potential play . There is something different about these games, though, in comparison to other look-ahead spots such as a game vs. a division rival. It could be an ego thing, or maybe it has more to do with building momentum, but NFL teams this season playing one week before a marquee matchup are consistently hitting against the spread (ATS). 

– Betting on the teams that have a Sunday or Monday night game on-deck the following week turned out a nice profit in the first four weeks of the season, going 10-4-1 ATS. 

– In Week 5, the four teams looking ahead to a marquee matchup in Week 6 were New Orleans, Seattle, the Giants and the Falcons, and although they slipped up a bit straight-up, they still managed a split against the spread (2-2 ATS). 

– Three of the teams looking ahead to a marquee matchup in Week 7 had a bye in Week 6 but the one remaining squad, the Jacksonville Jaguars, made short work of their opponent, the visiting Houston Texans. Houston swept the Jags in 2006 and they kind of had it coming. 

– In Week 8 there are technically six marquee teams because along with the Sunday Night game (Washington at New England) and Monday game (Green Bay at Denver), there is the Giants and Dolphins game which will be played at nighttime in London, England . Green Bay was off with a bye in Week 7 and the Pats and Dolphins played each other, washing those two teams out of this profile, but the three remaining teams went 3-0 SU and 2-1 ATS. The only loser, Washington, was in a position to cover until the final minute and then Arizona recovered an onside kick and almost beat them straight-up but was unable to make a 55 yard field goal. 

To this point, the updated record for teams that are “looking ahead to stardom” is 15-7-1 ATS, which definitely makes it worth factoring before a play on any of these teams. 

Week 8 produces two "live" teams in this profile, Pittsburgh and Philly. Both are coming off a loss and playing on the road, which has caused these teams a bit of grief the past few years. It has also provided line value, though, and the two host teams, Cinci and Minnesota, have shown huge deficiencies this season mixed with occasional flashes of greatness. 

In a “What have you done for me lately?” world where you are only as good as your latest win…but you can expect the two Pennsylvania teams to be getting plenty of attention from the betting public.