Super Bowl XLII Matchup Patriots vs Cowboys

With the NFL season moving past the mid-point, bettors are starting to feel more confident in predicting a Super Bowl matchup, as the wagering activity picks up at on the “Possible Super Bowl XLII Matchup”. 

The favorite matchup of the betting public at this point, not surprisingly, is the New England Patriots kicking off against the Dallas Cowboys. The odds offered on those two teams taking the field in Arizona this January are 2-1 according to the most updated future odds 

The next most popular matchup has Brett Favre and the Packers replacing the Cowboys for the NFC. The odds offered on this one are 4-1. 

There’s little wonder, after watching the Patriots go 9-0 to start the year, that they are the odds on favorite to represent the AFC in the big game. The defending Super Bowl champion Colts show up on the list as the possible AFC rep when you get to the 10-1 odds range. The oddsmakers have a 10-1 number hung on the possibility of a matchup between Indy and the Cowboys. 

We’ve included the first 13 possible matchups in the list below. There are another 60 or so options not listed (see for the full list). 

Like the way the Giants are playing? Think the Steelers have a shot at upsetting either New England or Indy (or both)….you can take a shot at the Giants and Steelers playing for the Lombardi Trophy at 40-1. Ten bucks will win you $400. 

The list below, made up of only the most favored options, outlines the difference between the two conferences. The AFC has two clear favorites (Patriots and Colts) and one contender (Pittsburgh), while the NFC is still relatively wide open, with Dallas being a cut above and a handful of others in the mix. The NFC has no less than seven teams as possible playoff survivors fitting into spots at the top, while again, the AFC has three. 

Whatever your hunch might be, if it’s the Pats and Cowboys (2-1) or the Cardinals vs. the Ravens (6000-1), you can take your shot and maybe cash in after the smoke clears on the NFC and AFC Conference Championship games

Here is the partial list of the possible matchups and their odds.  

  • Giants vs. Steelers                   40 – 1
  • Packers vs. Steelers                 35 – 1   
  • Bears vs. Patriots                    25 – 1
  • Cowboys vs. Steelers              20 – 1
  • Giants vs. Colts                       20 – 1
  • Redskins vs. Patriots               19 – 1
  • Buccaneers vs. Patriots           16 – 1
  • Seahawks vs. Patriots             15 – 1
  • Packers vs. Colts                     15 – 1
  • Cowboys vs. Colts                  10 – 1
  • Field (Any Other Matchup)    5 – 1
  • Giants vs. Patriots                   5 – 1
  • Packers vs. Patriots                 4 – 1
  • Cowboys vs. Patriots              2 – 1   

 Again, you can go to SPORTSBETTING.COM for the full list.

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