Thanksgiving Day Lineups and NFL Picks

Thanksgiving Day Lineups and NFL PicksWhat NFL picks stand out the most in the three NFL games this Thursday making up the NFL Thanksgiving Day rotation? 

Well, by including a dose of Brett Favre, Peyton Manning or the Dallas Cowboys into each game the NFL has instantly drawn attention to each contest from the glamour club of fans that are always happy to love what everyone else is into at the time. But wait a minute, you say. Where are the Patriots? (Oh, don’t worry Brady Bunch; Billy and his boys are playing Sunday night against the Eagles. There will be plenty of time to listen to John Madden fawn over yet another one of his QB poster boys) 

It is a bit of a treat for real football fans getting to see a matchup between the Packers and Lions that actually means something in the grand scheme of divisional playoff races. And while the other two pointspreads indicate slight mismatches, don’t think for a second that the Colts are going to take the Atlanta Falcons for granted in the late game. Indianapolis corrected its two-game losing streak by narrowly defeating the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday, but the Jaguars also won, maintaining their second place spot in the AFC South just one game back of the Colts. 

Some may look at the latter two Turkey Day games and wonder why the NFL would want to schedule such lopsided opponents to play in such a marquee game, but we have to remember that in last year’s playoffs the New York Jets looked pretty good in their game against New England. It only seemed reasonable to think that Chad Pennington and the coach once dubbed Man-Genius would be sitting better than 2-8 in the standings by the time the stuffing was ready in Week 12. 

In Atlanta’s case, remember that when the schedule was drawn up they were supposed to have a QB finally matched with a coach that could design an offensive gameplan to fit his strengths. Oh, it was going to be quite a year for the Falcons before Vick proved that, yes, he really is that stupid.

If you scroll down the list of Sunday’s games and try to pick one that would have looked like a good potential candidate for Thursday night back in the summer when the decision had to be made, a lot of them could have ended up seeming like letdowns now, too. 

Seattle at St. Louis? Okay, raise your hand if you were still watching in the fourth quarter between the Hawks and Niners two weeks ago. 

Baltimore and San Diego? Even Steve McNair would have a hard time matching the number of interceptions Manning threw against the Chargers on Sunday Night in Week 10 and that’s about the only reason the end of that game was exciting.

At the same time, some of the most intriguing matchups of this weekend would have taken prophetic powers in October to see coming, let alone in June expert NFL handicappers have heavy opinions on these Thanksgiving day matchups with GUATANTEED NFL picks available for your NFL wagering advantage. Make sure you checkout the available picks and our live NFL Point Spreads which provides the real time New England Patriots vs Cincinatti Bengals betting odds from the top online sportsbooks in the world all in one easy to use location. Get line moves in real time and find out who has the best NFL betting odds on the team you want to bet.