NFL Point Spreads Week 15

cowboys coach jason garrettThe NFL get off to another early start this week, as there will be a game on Thursday Night and another on Saturday. In both instances, there will be at least one team struggling to solidify its position as a playoff contender. With just three weeks remaining in the regular season, every game becomes that much more important, as teams feel the need to win out in order to avoid a letdowns.

In the Thursday game, the (4-9) Jacksonville Jaguars [+11] will be looking to make it two in a row against the inconsistent (8-5) Atlanta Falcons [-11]. According to NFL Point Spreads Week 12, the OVER/UNDER for this game is set at a combined total of 42.5 points scored. This game is scheduled to kickoff Thursday night at 8:30 PM ET live from the Georgia Dome on the NFL Network.

Trailing the New Orleans Saints by two games with three to play, it’s obvious the best the Falcons can hope for is to get into the postseason as one of the two NFC Wild Cards. Currently, Atlanta is tied with Detroit, which means that if the postseason started today, they would be the fifth and sixth seed in the NFC respectively.

The problem is that neither team can afford a letdown at this point, given that the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys are simply waiting for someone to slip up to move up in the standings. Speaking of Tony Romo & Co., his team will face a must-win situation on the road this week.

After losing consecutive games to the Cardinals and Giants, the Cowboys find themselves in a very peculiar position. After surrendering the NFC East lead, Jason Garrett’s seat is getting extremely hot, as one has to believe missing the playoffs could lead to his firing. This week, the (7-6) Dallas Cowboys [-7] will have to win on the road in order to stay alive, as they visit the (4-9) Tampa Bay Buccaneers [+7].

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NFL Point Spreads Week 15:

Thursday December 15, 2011

8:30 PM:
(4-9, Road: 1-5) Jacksonville [+11] vs (8-5, Home: 4-2) Atlanta            [-11]

Saturday December 17, 2011

8:30 PM:
(7-6, Road: 2-4) Dallas [-7] vs (4-9, Home: 3-4) Tampa Bay [+7]

Sunday December 18, 2011

1 PM:
(7-6, Road: 3-3) Tennessee [-7] vs (0-13, Home: 0-6) Indianapolis [+7]

(4-9, Road: 2-4) Carolina [+6.5] vs (10-3, Home: 5-1) Houston [-6.5]

(7-6, Road: 4-3) Cincinnati [-6] vs (2-11, Home: 1-5) St. Louis [+6]

(6-7, Road: 2-4) Seattle [+3.5] vs (7-6, Home: 5-2) Chicago [-3.5]

(10-3, Road: 4-3) New Orleans [-7] vs (2-11, Home: 1-5) Minnesota [+7]

(4-9, Road: 2-4) Washington [+7] vs (7-6, Home: 3-3) NY Giants [-7]

(4-9, Road: 1-5) Miami vs (5-8, Home: 4-2) Buffalo

(13-0, Road: 7-0) Green Bay [-14] vs (5-8, Home: 2-4) Kansas City [+14]

4 PM:
(8-5, Road: 4-2) Detroit [-1.5] vs (7-6, Home: 3-3) Oakland [+1.5]

(4-9, Road: 1-5) Cleveland [+6.5] vs (6-7, Home: 4-2) Arizona [-6.5]

(8-5, Road: 2-4) NY Jets [+3] vs (5-8, Home: 1-5) Philadelphia [-3]

(10-3, Road: 5-2) New England [-6] vs (8-5, Home: 3-3) Denver [+6]


8:30 PM:
(10-3, Road: 3-3) Baltimore [-2.5] vs (6-7, Home: 4-3) San Diego [+2.5]

Monday December 19, 2011

8:30 PM:
(10-3, Road: 4-2) Pittsburgh vs (10-3, Home: 6-1) San Francisco