Undefeated Colts welcome Buffalo to RCA Dome

Undefeated Colts welcome Buffalo to RCA DomeThe unbeaten Indianapolis Colts with an 8-0 record will play before a noisy home town fan packed RCA Dome. They are hosting the 3-5 Buffalo Bills. Both teams won their last contest, Indianapolis with incredible play on the road and Buffalo with incredible luck at home. They will now face each other as the Buffalo Bills switch to go for a visit. Could it be The Bills come out 4-5 defeating the Colts? We wouldn’t bet on that.


Peyton Manning threw for 328 yards and two touchdowns. Marvin Harrison caught 8 for 145 yards and two touch downs. Reggie Wayne received 6 for 90 yards and Joseph Addai gained 2 of his 43 yards on a short touch down run. Enough said, almost but although the star quarterback and offensive line played a great game, the victory lay in the much questioned Colts defense. They managed to step up and how.

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The unexpected return of safety Bob Sanders to the starting lineup had an unexpected effect on the Indianapolis Colts defense. The defense came away with four interceptions, a fumble recovery and permitted no passing touch downs. That is a tough statement against New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady at home in Foxboro.


On Sunday, the Bills won a home game from the hands of Green Bay's Brett Favre.

The Packers decided to pass the ball on first-and-goal at the Buffalo 1-yard line with less than five minutes and trailing 17-10. The choice puzzled many of the Bills' defenders but Favre, who committed three of the Packers' four turnovers, tried to hit Donald Driver.

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This is when cornerback Nate Clements wedged his hand inside to break up the reception only to deflect it just high enough for rookie Ko Simpson to return a 76 yard interception run. This later set up running back Anthony Thomas' game clinching 14-yard touchdown run. The Packers’ running game had been enough to get them where they were and a one yard run would have sent the game into overtime. That choice will remain questioned.


The fact is a similar play caught the Bills off guard earlier but they returned the Packers the favor and the Bills (3-5), who were riding a three-game losing streak before winning 24-10 against mistake-prone Green Bay (3-5), aren't looking a gift horse in the mouth.

 The Colts offense with the most passing yards per game in the league with 277.1 per game will be playing the 19th ranked Bills passing defense allowing 210.4 yards per game. The rushing defense/offense comparisons are not abysmal in their differences but look for the Colts rushing to get stronger, although the air attack will be the winner here. Colts are -12 and we say lay the wood. Total over 45 only if there isn’t a one-sided blow out. Colts should be able to come out 9-0 at least.