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Bodog Brand Buys Slots.com for $5.5 Million

by Thomas Jensen on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Talk at the 2010 iGaming Super Show in Prague last week was swirling around who paid $5.5 million for the domain name Slots.com. It has been officially announced today that the winning bidder was BodogBrand.com. It was the largest amount paid for a domain thus far in 2010 and among the top 10 all time prices for a domain name.

Bodog Brand Buys Slots.com for $5.5 Million“The internet really has changed how we do business – I sat on a bar stool in London’s L’Atelier restaurant bidding millions for one of the biggest gaming domains in the world,” stated Bodog Brand founder Calvin Ayre and internet gambling pioneer. “After Casino.com, we feel that Slots.com is the best gaming domain in the world. Bigger even than Poker.com because there are no strong brands in this space and slots are far more universal than poker, just look at the amount of space a casino devotes to slots over poker, added to which its simple to spell and easy to remember. Slots.com will work for us on a number of levels, not least, in generating global traffic to our Bodog branded properties but also to form a number of other targeted websites including one that will be created by and for the female gambler.”

The word "Slots" is searched for over 6 million times per month globally in Google, not to mention all the other searches from the likes of Ask.com, Yahoo.com and Bing.com. I expect the Bodog Brand to recoup this outlay of cash within one year tops!

It was a big week for Calvin Ayre. Besides buying Slots.com, the billionaire celebrated his 49th birthday at an over the top Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome over the top themed party in Prague which doubled as the official launch party for his online gaming news tablog.

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