Is cyberstaker Paddy Roberts giving legal advice to Scott Lewis?

Is cyberstaker Paddy Roberts giving legal advice to Scott Lewis?Is cyberstalker Paddy Roberts, AKA Patrick Tyrone Roberts, the 65 year old leader of the Progressive Nationalist Party in BC (Formerly known as the Bloc BC Party) working for Bodog domain hijacker and Patent Troll Scott Lewis of 1st Technology? The aging Paddy Roberts has already been banned from practically every sports gambling forum on the internet for obsessive cyberstalking of Bodog Founder Calvin Ayre but Tyrone was able to post several interesting and eye opening excerpts at popular online casino forum earlier in the month before getting banned for the second time in just under a year.

Excerpt from Patrick Tyrone Roberts, AKA Coldeyeme’s post include:

“I've been in touch with Scott Lewis this morning….I just had a conversation which leads me to think the US government does have a hand in this….I'm waiting to get confirmation from the 1st Technology lawyers as to what steps they might be taking next…I do know for a fact that some branch of the US government has been helpful to 1st Technology.”

It is no secret that Roberts has a penchant for the Canadian self made billionaire, the alarming question is why would Patent Troll Scott Lewis of 1st Technology work with Roberts? Could the group be trying to extort Bodog Entertainment?

After reading tons of his long winded fantasy driven rants, I can imagine the elderly Roberts sitting in front of his computer screen for hours on end every day chanting “I must have my precious or nobody else can" while he stalks Ayre around cyberspace. Bodog’s founder is to Paddy as that ring was to Gollum in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. It has become a life long obsession that Patrick Tyrone Roberts cannot break even to his own detriment.

One can only imagine the negative impact this obsession is having on Paddy's life in the same way that that ring ultimately destroyed Gollum. The parallel between the Lord of the Rings character and Paddy Roberts is dead on and it is clear that Roberts is unable to differentiate between fact and fiction when his ”precious” is involved.

Psychological defense mechanisms are psychological strategies used by individuals to cope with reality and to maintain his/her self image intact. Defense mechanism becomes pathological when it is used persistently and leads to maladaptive behavior that will eventually threaten the physical and/or mental health of the individual.

“Paddy Roberts uses psychological defense mechanisms, specifically ‘Projection’ when posting about his long standing fixation with Ayre,” stated a very well respected Psychology Professor that wished to remain anonymous after speaking to today. “Constantly referencing Calvin as ‘pink ass’ and the gay undertones in his posts I reviewed today lead me to believe that Roberts himself may be a closeted homosexual that has not come to terms with his own self image. He is lashing out at Ayre in an attempt to get back at him for not fulfilling his own suppressed sexual fantasies.”

Patrick Tyrone Roberts tells wild, graphic and delusional tales. After reading some previous posts from several of the known posting aliases Roberts uses, was able to uncover these gems while researching this story:
Is cyberstaker Paddy Roberts giving legal advice to Scott Lewis? “I have watched a naked Calvin as he was having sex with several females in Barranquila, Columbia and he did not appear to enjoy it at all….I want you to think of me. I want these words to ring in your ears. And you'll think, Oh, No, that fucker owns me now…. I keep having a fantasy where I am choking….to the point where he empties his bowels.”

Anyone that really knows Ayre in “reality”, knows the guy enjoys the company of beautiful women.

"I don't remember him much as he was an over 40 year old guy when I met him briefly in my early 20's through my sister,” stated Calvin in an recent interview with “We did not really have anything in common, but he did seem to be unusually interested in me. He seemed like an old dude to me then actually, but I hear from some of my PR team that he seems to be very interested in me now and is doing a good job of spreading the edgy Bodog brand and for that I thank him. I wish I had an army of fans like him promoting Bodog full time."

Whatever the motive of the partnership between the bottom feeding Gollum and patent troll Scott Lewis at 1st Technology, the pairing seems like a match made in heaven but both men come from opposite ends of the education spectrum. In one camp you have a highly educated Oxford PhD and in the other you have a guy that probably did not even graduate from high school. has obtained court documents filed by Paddy Roberts in a case he started to terrorize a wilderness association. The transcripts indicate that under oath, Roberts was unable to prove to the court that he has any university degrees or in fact even completed high school.

The documents also indicate that Roberts is flat broke as he lost this court case and had to disclose his assets in the defendants attempts to collect on their judgement. The aging Paddy Roberts has not paid the court judgment against him to this day. Could Paddy Roberts be moonlighting as a pseudo-paralegal for the patent trolls at 1st Technology in an effort to pay off the judgment? It is easy to see why nobody would want to sue a guy with zero assets though.

Roberts is an admitted narcotics trafficker with multiple convictions and who has been targeted in the past by both United States law enforcement and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. At one point the United States had Patrick Tyrone Roberts held in a Dutch jail for 135 days awaiting extradition back to the US to face drug trafficking charges. The extradition attempt was abandoned and Roberts returned to Canada where he was acquitted of the charges in question in November of 2004.

In fact Paddy Roberts received a “Stay of Proceedings” in return for providing the authorities information to help convict his co-accused. Law enforcement sources that spoke to under the condition of remaining anonymous and have confirmed that Roberts is still a paid informant and is providing information on other ongoing investigations in Canada and the US.