2012 Summer Olympic Odds: Will Usain Bolt win both the Men’s 100m and 200m Gold Medals?

One of the biggest events at the 2012 Summer Olympics is the 100m dash, to see who the fastest man in the world is. The fastest man in the world is currently Jamaica’s Usain Bolt who will be competing in three events. The big question is. Will Usain Bolt (JAM) win both the Men’s 100m and 200m Gold Medals? Olympic oddsmakers think Usain Bolt (-175) will NOT win gold in both the 100m and 200m sprint and YES as +175 underdog. Let’s take a look at if he can. Be sure to make your Usain Bolt predictions before the firing of the starters pistol.

Usain Bolt will return to the Olympics once again and is expected to break records in three athletics events – men’s 100m, men’s 200m and men’s 4 x 100m relay. Popularly known as the fastest runner in the world, Bolt broke new records in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Bolt was the first to win gold in three sprinting events in one Olympics since 1984 and the first to hold Olympics and World Championships titles in men’s 100m and men’s 200m.

Bolt first featured as an Olympian during the 2008 Olympics and he has captured the world’s attention through his sensational sprinting achievements. He ran for 9.69s in men’s 100m, 19.30s in men’s 200m and 37.10s in 4 x 100m men’s relay, becoming the first person to win gold and set world records in three sprinting events in one Olympics.

After the 2008 Olympics, Bolt broke new records during the 2009 World Championships – 9.58s in men’s 100m and 19.19 in men’s 200m, becoming the first person to hold both Olympic and world titles in men’s 100m and men’s 200m.

Bolt is not in a rush to break new records this coming Olympics, saying that “even if I lose every race leading up to the Olympics it won’t even bother me”. He stated that he has “one focus – to go to the Olympics and do great things”. That incredible dedication coming from him indicates that he will amaze the world once more by winning gold medals the next time he competes as an Olympian, despite slowing down at 10.04s when he won in Golden Spike Ostrava last May 25, 2012.

Bolt enters the Games having lost a pair of races at Jamaica’s Olympic trials to training partner Yohan Blake. At the June trials in Kingston, Blake set a personal best in the 100 with his finish in 9.75. In an international grand prix last year, he dropped a 19.26 — second-fastest ever to Bolt’s world record 19.19.

Just four years after seemingly revolutionizing sprinting with his long legs and massive strides, Bolt looks a bit like old news.

After Bolt false-started at last year’s world championships, Blake won his first world title. After Jamaica’s trials, Bolt rested a hamstring that he tweaked during the 200, while Blake tuned up for London, easily winning a race in Lucerne, Switzerland, in 9.85 seconds.

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2012 Summer Olympics
When: begins July 28 and ends August 5.
Pick: Yes +125

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