Ron Paul beats Fred & Rudy in Michigan Primary

Ron Paul beats Fred & Rudy in Michigan PrimaryRon Paul beats out Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson in the Michigan Republican Primary coming in 4th overall but still gets treated like the red headed step child by the national media. has Ron Paul at 25 to 1 odds to secure the Republican Presidential Nominee ahead of Thompson who has longer 50 to 1 odds.  Paul’s message has not got out to the masses of middle America yet as the media has put a muzzle on him over recent weeks.  Could you imagine how much more support among Independent’s and Republican Party faithful Paul would get if he was given the same amount of media time as Fred Thompson and Rudy Guiliani!  

Fox News has already censored Dr. Ron Paul’s message of restoring the Constitution by not allowing the Texas Congressman to participate in the Republican New Hampshire Debate.  After getting tons of heat, Fox News allowed Paul to participate reluctantly in the South Carolina Debate.  To most intelligent viewers it was clear that Ron Paul won the debate or at the very least held his own and did well.  Fox News even ran a national text message poll designed to get the opinions of viewers during the post South Carolina Republican Debate debate analysis show.

Ron Paul won the text message poll with 32% of the votes and that clearly irked political pundit Sean Hannity.  The text message poll shows that the broader television audience clearly believe that Ron Paul was the winner of the South Carolina Republican Debate and Sean Hannity’s view that Ron Paul was the “clear loser” was in the minority.

Fox News will only report negatively spun Ron Paul stories, while no intelligent person believes Fox is a impartial news outlet, the rest of America is in the dark.  For more information on Sean Hannity and Fox News Honcho Rupert Murdoch’s “War on Journalism” checkout “OUTFOXED”.  

Ironically, Anti-War Democratic Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul’s Congressional ally was denied inclusion into the Nevada Democratic Debate tonight. The Nevada Supreme Court ruled that MSNBC was not required to include the Ohio Congressman in the Nevada Democratic Debate.  An attorney for Dennis Kucinich said the candidate’s absence on the debate stage “would be detrimental to voters” and we could not agree more.

The media has a responsibility to the general public to allow all voices to be heard.  Trying to suppress a message from a viable candidate whether it be Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich should not be tolerated by the American People.