Mike Huckabee on Easter Egg Hunt, Ron Paul poised to surge in FL

Anyone that votes for Mike Huckabee in the Florida Republican Primary on Tuesday, January 29th, 2008 needs to have their head examined after the former Governor of Arkansas compared the search for Weapons of Mass Destruction to going on an Easter Egg Hunt.  Iowa’s Republican Primary winner stated that he believed going to war in Iraq was worth it, a clear contrast from the only anti-war Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

“Now everybody can look back and say, 'Oh, well, we didn't find the weapons.' Doesn't mean they weren't there. Just because you didn't find every Easter egg didn't mean that it wasn't planted," stated Mike Huckabee in Thursday night’s Republican Debate on the eve of the Florida Primary.

I wonder how the King of Jordan feels about the Easter Egg comment, since Huckabee is basically implying that the WMD’s were moved out of Iraq to a neighboring country.  Sportsbook.com has Mike Huckabee at 12 to 1 odds to secure his party's Presidential Nomination.

While on a campaign stop in Warren, Michigan right before the South Carolina Republican Primary, Huckabee stated that the country should use "Gods words as law" and "amend the Constitution so its in God's standards".

"I'm going to stick to the things that make it critical for me to be president of the United States," Mike Huckabee told reporters at an airport news conference after Mitt Romney won the Michigan Primary. "I have deep convictions about who goes and who doesn't, but as far as who makes that decision, it isn't me, it's God."

The Republican Party is trying to find and define itself in 2008 and one cannot help but notice the country's desire for a change in Washington and I hate to point this out to people but Mike Huckabee is campaigning with the same message that George W. Bush did in 2000, as a true compassionate conservative.  

George W. Bush has walked away from those liberties that define us as a nation.  His assertion of absolute power has created the uprising of the true patriots of the United States.  Americans are trying to regain their sacred freedoms and come election day will want to celebrate the rejection as a people to being ruled by a monarch or king.

The Republican Party needs to wake up and realize that the real change agent in their party is anti-war, limited government and fiscally conservative Ron Paul, not Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee. Sportsbook.com has Ron Paul as a 25 to 1 long shot to secure his party's Presidential Nomination.  The Republican Party needs to woo independents and keep party defections to Barack Obama to a minimum and Ron Paul is the only anti-war candidate that can actually do it.  As we stated in previous articles on the subject, Paul has the "change" message the country is yearning for and the experience but will the mainstream media allow his message get out?

Sportsbook.com has posted political betting odds to win the 2008 Republican Party Presidential Nomination:

John McCain: 4-7
Mike Huckabee: 12-1
Mitt Romney: 3-1
Ron Paul: 25-1
Rudy Giuliani: 4-1