Real Madrid: Finished With Beckham

Real Madrid: Finished With BeckhamDavid Beckham and Real Madrid are finished.  Beckham won’t play again for Real Madrid after announcing his departure at the end of the season for the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS.

“He is not going to play any more. He will practice, but he is not going to play,” Coach Fabio Capello said Saturday at a news conference.

Beckham announced this week he will not extend his contract with Real Madrid when it expires in June and is instead leaving for the Galaxy and a five-year deal. Popular online betting giant has posted odds on how many goals Beckham will score in his 1st season. 11 or more:  2/1 (A $1.00 bet wins $2.00)  6-10:  1/2 (A $2.00 bet wins $1.00)  5 or less:  2/1 (A $1.00 bet wins $2.00)

“The player’s decision is to go to Los Angeles. He has always been a great professional, but a player who has such a major contract with another team, we cannot count on him,” Capello said. “I think one cannot have the same drive if one is already with another team.”  

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Beckham’s spokesman, Simon Oliveira, said the 31-year-old midfielder would “continue to give his full commitment and professionalism to the club.”

“David is surprised at the quotes from Fabio Capello, as nobody from the club has informed him of their intentions,” Oliveira said. “As far as David is aware, he has a contract for the remainder of the season and he remains dedicated to the club and its supporters.”

Real Madrid goal keeper Iker Casillas said in a press conference today that Beckham had told him and the team he was leaving.

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“Of course, he told us personally and it’s a real shame. Casillas said. Those who know him know he is a great player and a great professional. He has given his heart and soul to Real Madrid. It’s been an honor to play by his side because he’s a magnificent person. We are all happy for him but sad at the same time. He’s a role model for everyone.

What will be outcome of Beckham’s USA Excursion (bef 12/31/08?

He will become a US Citizen and run for governor:  10/1
He will divorce Victoria bef:  2/1
He will date Paris Hilton:  5/1
He will attempt to play in the NBA/NFL:  50/1
He will launch a music album bef:  10/1
He will be named FIFA’s player of the year:  100/1
He will retire from soccer:  10/1
He will suffer a career ending injury:  15/1
Victoria will leave him for Justin Timberlake:  2/1
Beckham will Renounce his British nationality:  100/1
Victoria will record a duo with 50 cent:  5/1
The Beckham’s will have a reality show:  2/1
Beckham will be charged with a DUI:  5/1
He will  play with the English national Squad:  5/1
He will win a Word Cup Tittle:  150/1
How Many Goals will Beckham score in his 1st season?

11 or more:  2/1
6-10:  1/2
5 or less:  2/1
What will happen in Beckham’s MLS debut (must be a regular season game)?

Beckham will score a hat trick:  30/1
Beckham will score on a free kick:  6/1
Beckam will receive a yellow card:  10/1
Beckham will be sent off:  30/1
Beckham will score the game winning goal:  5/1
Beckham will score:  2/1
Beckham will commit a penalty:  10/1
Beckham will have a penalty committed against him:  5/1
Beckham will score on a corner kick:  100/1
Beckham will be forced out by injury:  10/1