133rd Westminster Dog Show Betting Odds

133rd Westminster Dog Show Betting OddsPoint-Spreads.com would like to announce that online betting giants BetUS.com has posted their 133rd Westminster Dog Show betting odds today. The 132nd WKC Dog Show was held February 11-12, 2008, with the 15" Beagle taking Best in Show.  The Beagle is a 3 to 1 odds field bet favorite to win the title in 2009.

The 133rd Westminster Dog Show is set for February 9th and 10th in New York City and fans have been lining up for tickets for months.  The highly anticipated show has been receiving a ton of attention from fans and speculation is at an all time high regarding who will win, will there be any upsets, and even whether or not there will be any handler mishaps.  This being the case, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, BetUS.com is giving the public the answers they seek.

Dogs are judged closely by eminent American Kennel Club (AKC) judges. It is considered by many to be America's most prestigious dog show. Television condenses the showing of more than 2500 dogs in well over 150 breeds in multiple rings over two days into a usually two-hour show, primarily focusing on the General Specials (featuring winners from each breed competing for the title Best In Group) and the final Best In Show (chosen from among the winners of Best In Group).

Analysts at BetUS.com posted the following betting odds on the 133rd Westminster Dog Show:

Dog breeds most likely to win Best in Show title:

Brussels Griffon: 10/1
Welsh Corgi (Pembroke): 12/1
Affenpinscher: 14/1
Sealyham Terrier: 15/1
Poodle (standard): 15/1
Scottish Terrier: 18/1
Giant Schnauzer: 20/1
Scottish Deerhound: 20/1
Harrier: 25/1
Bichons Frise: 30/1
German Shepherd: 30/1
Boxers: 40/1
English Springer Spaniel: 40/1
Field (Any Other Breed): 3/1

Sex of winning Dog:
Male: 10/13
Female: 10/11

Sex of the handler on the other end of the leash of the winning dog:
Man: 5/9
Woman: 7/5

Handler tripping during a routine?
Yes: 10/11
No: 10/13

Will a handler drop the leash and the dog run into the stands?
Yes: 5/2
No: 1/4

Will anyone get bitten/attacked:
Yes: 7/5
No: 5/9

Will any of Michael Vick's dogs compete on the show:
Yes: 12/1
No: 1/20

Will Michael Vick have anything to do with the kennel:
Yes: 3/1
No: 1/5

Will any "breeding" take place on show floor:
Yes: 3/1
No: 1/5