Internet Gambling: Congressman Robert Wexler to Introduce Carve Out for Poker and Skilled Games

Internet Gambling Bill: Congressman Robert Wexler to Introduce Carve Out for Poker and Skilled GamesDemocratic congressman Robert Wexler from the 19th District of Florida will be introducing legislation on Thursday that will exempting online poker, skilled games and mahjong from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Robert Wexler is a member of the House Financial Services panel.

"It allows Americans to play poker online as they should have every right to do," stated Wexler's spokesman Josh Rogin. "You win or lose based on your ability. It's a deserving distinct."

The news is positive to the internet gambling industry because it proves that members of congress are listening to the general public's desire to gambling online. However, does not believe there should be an exemption for poker at the expense of other types of gambling such has blackjack or sports betting.

Several of large publicly traded AIM listed internet gambling companies such as Party Gaming, 888 Holdings & SportingBet left the US market after UIGEA was signed into law back in October of 2006.

Rob Wexler plans to submit his bill one day before Barney Frank, Chairmen of the House Financial Services Committee, holds a hearing to discuss internet gambling regulations.

Frank supports Wexler's efforts but does not believe that carve outs should be in the bill. He has called UIEGA "the stupidest law ever passed" and is making good on his promise to try to repeal its existence.

In April, Chairman Frank introduced H.R. 2046, the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act of 2007, that would create an exemption to the ban on online gambling for properly licensed operators, allowing Americans to lawfully bet online.

Those testifying on Friday include:

Radley Balko, Senior Editor, Reason Magazine

Jon Prideaux, Chief Executive, Asterion Payments

Gerald Kitchen, Chief Executive Officer, SecureTrading Ltd

Pastor Greg Hogan

Jeff Schmidt, CEO Authis

Michael Colopy, Senior Vice President, Communications, Aristotle, Inc.

Notably absent from the list of people testifying are those that represent internet gambling operators.